Experience the future of heavy lifting with Pakka Jacks and Hindsite. As industry leaders in safety and innovation, we’ve partnered to streamline operations, save you time, and provide efficient reporting.

We’ve been revolutionising heavy lifting since the 1990s, eliminating the need for cranes with our groundbreaking technology. New, together with Hindsite, we’re ensuring a safer and more efficient future for our industry.

Watch to learn how Pakka Jacks and Hindsite are lifting the future of mining.

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The game has

The Pakka Jacks Lifting system dramatically improves the safety and speed of servicing and repairs for the mining industry - and slashes the costs.

We’re not talking about improvements of 10% to 15% (which would normally be pretty impressive). We’re talking about reducing downtime by up to 85%, and cutting costs by as much as 70%. We’re talking about a completely new standard of safety, which has, incidentally, already changed the rules in Australia.

The unique patented auto-packing system means that these units serve as both lifts and stands. The load is fully supported, not suspended, at every stage of the lifting operation. Pakka Jacks units are also certified to withstand significant side-loading and currently meet or exceed the safety requirements of all relevant codes and standards across Australia (which are some of the toughest in the world).

With systems rated from 2200 Ton down to 165 Ton, Pakka Jacks could shift the way you do everything, from replacing slew bearings to changing tires. Once you try this system, you won’t go back.

The game has changed. It’s your move.

Lifting System Overview
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The bar has been

Let’s talk numbers. Compare the Pakka Jacks system with a standard crane set up, replacing a slew bearing for a 660 ton open-cut excavator.

As you can see from the graphic at the right, the “bar” has been lifted through the roof. The time saving alone (an average of 7 days) for such a critical piece of machinery, has enormous implications - from the mine wall right along the workflow path.

On top of this, total cost is reduced by almost two thirds, and safety is at a completely new level. The Pakka Jacks system is re-setting industry benchmarks across the board. That bar is now very, very high.

It’s a good time to make your move.

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"We have used the Pakka Jacks system numerous times, because nothing else stacks up. It is safer, faster and more cost effective than traditional methods."

Roger Clement: Plant Operations Superintendant - Excavators
Thiess Australian Mining Plant

"I recommend the Pakka Jacks system to anyone looking to save time and money on slew ring change outs. This jacking system saved our business over a million dollars in labor crane hire and downtime, not to mention the safety advantages."

Brendon Lyons
Sojitz Minerva Mining

"As a means of changing out slew bearings the Pakka Jacks system speeds up and simplifies the process, making for a much safer operation."

Phillip Lentfer
Newcrest Mining

"From the very first commission date of Pakka Jacks , I knew that maintenance on large mining equipment was going to change. The bar has definitely been lifted."

Jason Enright
Group Services Manager Pakka Jacks


Lift your game

This system is safer, faster and more profitable than any other option, for most large scale on-site maintenance projects in the mining industry.

After more than 10 years of intensive research and development, and hundreds of successful large-scale projects, the Pakka Jacks lifting system is unrivalled.

This is not just a better product, it’s a radically improved approach to lifting.

We have worked with more than 80% of all the leading brand machines in Australia, and the majority of the largest mining companies. Our experience is that every group that uses this system, stays with it.

Bring in Pakka Jacks to help lift your game. It could mean a new standard in site safety (and worker confidence), a huge improvement in machine availability, and millions of dollars of additional profit. It’s definitely worth talking to us.

Your move.

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